Now Is The Future

Wake up to innovative language learning wherever you are – 24/7.
You will love learning with a world of opportunities at your fingertips.
Choose from Virtual Learning, Self-Study Programs and Mobile Applications and rediscover spontaneity.

Beckley.Institute Microlearning

Microlearning is a way of learning in short, very specific bursts through a variety of devices; it is about small quantities of information that leave a lasting impression.

The “bite sized” language snacks (Micros) make sure you can absorb information quickly and efficiently, to recall that information for future use and apply to daily life.

Beckley.Institute Language Micros

The perfect way to communicate with your global friends and colleagues in every situation

Beckley.Institute Language Micros are designed to deliver what “I can do” as you learn, practical language learning that gets you speaking a new language in no time at all. Put the “munch and crunch” back into learning with 1-4 minute learning treats.

Virtual Learning

A truly personal experience, bringing global instructors to you via your virtual classroom
with its easy to use interactive platform.
Join scheduled group courses or customize your own online program.

Self-Study Language Programs

Say hello to the world with instant access to over 60 languages. Discover the excitement of new cultures
and enjoy the thrill of language learning through interactive self-study courses and phrase apps for iOS or Android.

Self-Study Professional Development

Reinvent your future. With over 700 courses to inspire you, spotlight a single skill or choose from our customized Power Packs to create your very own pathway to career success.

Apps & Gamification

Our innovative mobile phrasebook and learning apps, designed for every type of user, enable learning on the go in short bursts.
Learning a new language has become as easy as checking the time.

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